Meat Season

For many, the arrival of summer is heralded with an increase in meat eating.  Casual backyard parties centred around the BBQ, steaks and hot dogs over a campfire, deliciously decadent food trucks… meat seems to everywhere you turn.

a delicious pint of Muskoka Brewery beer... thanks!
a delicious pint of Muskoka Brewery beer… thanks!

I took in the annual Arrow & Loon pig roast last weekend, a suitable end to an afternoon of art appreciation in the Glebe.  Sponsored by Muskoka Brewery and attractively priced at only $15, patrons were treated to “all you can eat” pig, sides (including corn!) and a pint of Muskoka beer.  The smell of pig was in the air and patrons were anxiously seated on the patio, craning their heads to search for the pig.  Or signs of the pig.  We had been told a tentative start of 6pm when we booked our tickets – a step which proved to be unnecessary as they were easily able to accommodate latecomers – and to tide us over there was a corn boil and dozens of delicious, yellow corn on the cob.  Several buttery options were provided including one with herbs, one infused with hot sauce… oh, and a block of bacon fat.  What’s a little corn on the cob without a healthy dose of bacon fat?

AYCEpig - tastes better than it looks!
AYCEpig – tastes better than it looks!

Way back in the day, when I first moved to Ottawa in 2008, I lived in the Glebe and frequently stopped in at the Arrow & Loon to keep myself from going a little stir crazy or because I felt like reading a book and having a beer on their sunny patio.  I’m not sure if the venue changed management or if I became pickier about beer, but their beer list appears to have significantly improved from what I remembered.  I also know that I would have gladly pursued $15 AYCEPig had it been an option back in my early-Ottawa days!

I was told, however, that there is a free corn boil every Sunday afternoon during the summer.  Free corn plus an excellent craft beer list (complete with cask offerings)?  To say that I am intrigued and tempted would be an understatement!

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