Guilty Pleasures – Nachos

Food, wine and lifestyle blogs seem to be all about pretty, beautifully designed plates and fresh, delicious foods.  Ideally straight from the farm.  Or within 100km.  Or organic. Or something.

Well, everyone has guilty pleasures.  Or not so guilty pleasures.

Big Rig Pulled Chicken Nachos
Big Rig Pulled Chicken Nachos

These nachos are one of my guilty pleasures in Ottawa.  Oozing with melted cheese, loaded with jalapenos and green onions, nice crisp chips and moist pulled chicken, the Big Rig Nachos are one of the best nacho plates in town.  Also – they’re priced at around $15, which is an excellent chicken nacho value.

Another benefit to these nachos?  Generous servings of salsa, sour cream and guacamole which are quickly refreshed if necessary.  With no extra charges!  There is nothing worse than delving into a jalapeno flavoured nacho monstrosity only to discover there is no sour cream left and the restaurant is charging you an extra dollar.  Big Rig will not hold you hostage, dear nacho eaters!  They will bring you more sour cream and your bill will not reflect it.  Coupled with their ever changing list of craft beer, you will not regret the Big Rig nacho experience.  I certainly haven’t!

In comparison, I had some nachos at another brewpub which were $16 and not only did they have no chicken, but they were weirdly and unevenly seasoned (there was some strange spice on them) and the cheese was terribly applied meaning there were many nacho chips that were left un-cheeseified.  If I am spending $16 on protein-less nachos, I want them to be pretty spectacular.

Well, Ottawa, where can one find your favourite nachos?  I’ve showed you mine, now show me yours!

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