The Vatican and Why I Went Twice

Visiting the Vatican is a must-do on the list of Rome attractions – a small city state, of only 44 hectares, the Vatican is the home of the Pope and St. Peter’s Basilica, the massive building which dominates St. Peter’s Square. The signage to St. Peter’s Square – or Piazza San Pietro, in Italian –... Continue Reading →

Venturing into Venice

The Busabout bus brought us from Munich to the campsite just outside of Venice at around 4:30pm, discharging us into the PLUS Camping Jolly, one of several camping villages run by this company dotted across Italy. It had a big pool, a small supermarket and a restaurant/bar with sleeping options varying from cabanas or bungalows... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Quitting TGCWC

The Great Canadian Wine Challenge - TGCWC, for those of you curious about the acronym - is an excellent idea and a fun challenge.  If you don't live in Nova Scotia.  Or, if you're living in Nova Scotia, you don't like big, bold red wines.  Or even less bold red wines. The options are fairly... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Malagash – Jost Vineyards

After years of driving by the signs, I finally had the opportunity (or, rather, took the time) to visit Jost Vineyards in Malagash, Nova Scotia.  Located within spitting distance of the Northumberland Strait, Jost is a popular stop for summer tourists wandering the back roads of Nova Scotia.  On this gorgeous sunny day in November,... Continue Reading →

Port of Wines Festival 2013

I have relocated (temporarily) to rural Nova Scotia and managed to time my arrival in Canada's ocean playground quite well - it was the week of the NSLC's Port of Wines festival!  Adopting my usual scheming ways, I managed to line up a designated driver (thanks Dad!) and picked up a ticket for the Friday... Continue Reading →

Bon Appetit

One of the highlights on Ottawa's food and wine calendar is the annual Bon Appetit cocktail party and charity fundraiser.  Celebrating its 17th year, Bon Appetit Ottawa is now held out in the bush by the airport at the Ernst & Young Centre. Ron Eade, of Omnivore's Ottawa, stated that attendance was down this year... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on “Sommelier”

I recently completed the Sommelier program at Algonquin College.  It was a long, slightly convoluted path (including a derailment to join the navy) and I am incredibly glad to be finished.  I met some great friends at wine school, some of whom work in the industry and others who do not. Having started the program... Continue Reading →

County in the City

April 18. The stage in the National Arts Centre was set for the unveiling of… county wines? Yes! Prince Edward County wineries and vineyards made their way to Ottawa’s NAC en masse to share the deliciously alcoholic fruits of their labour. Hosted and organized by the Savvy Company, this was the second annual County in... Continue Reading →

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