Mad King Ludwig & Neuschwanstein Castle

When I added Munich to my list of places to visit, I hadn’t realized how close it was to Neuschwanstein Castle, the beautiful folly of King Ludwig II. I had expected that the castle would be somewhere else – further north, perhaps – so when Google showed me that Neuschwanstein Castle was a popular day... Continue Reading →


Very close to Munich there is a small town known as Dachau. Historically it was known as the site of summer residences for rich Munich residents – close to the city yet located in a beautiful, serene environment with birds chirping and lush forests. This all changed, however, with the announcement of the Third Reich’s... Continue Reading →

Beer & Food Wanderings in Munich

Everything was quiet in the train as we pulled up to the station, the usual murmurs of people getting their bags and sighing as they looked at their watch. How was I to expect that things just outside would be oh so different? Chanting, singing… and a huge police presence. Munich cops, assembled en masse,... Continue Reading →

Munich Explorations…

I was (and will be, upon my return to Munich next week) staying at the Euro Youth Hostel, one of several hostels located on a side street almost directly across from the main entrance to the Hauptbahnhof, the central train station. I quickly checked in, handed over a €5 key deposit and went straight down... Continue Reading →

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