A Day in Pompeii

I was up bright and early, despite my late return to the hostel the night before. It was Pompeii Day! I remember reading about Pompeii, the bustling port and trading city that was buried after the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD. First excavated in the late 1700s, Pompeii has been an important archaeological site... Continue Reading →

I Love Napoli!

People tried to scare me off Naples – if the thieves didn’t get me, they said, then the traffic would. Well, I can’t deny that crossing the street was a terrifying prospect and I think I would still be the train station if it wasn’t for some kind Napolitanos who took the lead. One look... Continue Reading →

Murano, Burano and the Grand Canal

I had actual plans for my second day in Venice and although they mostly consisted of “wandering around”, I was going to venture to some of the outlying islands and explore some of the quieter areas. Many visitors to Venice don’t leave the windy alleys and magical canals of the main city but with two... Continue Reading →

Venturing into Venice

The Busabout bus brought us from Munich to the campsite just outside of Venice at around 4:30pm, discharging us into the PLUS Camping Jolly, one of several camping villages run by this company dotted across Italy. It had a big pool, a small supermarket and a restaurant/bar with sleeping options varying from cabanas or bungalows... Continue Reading →

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