Visiting Madrid… and liking it!

While sharing my itinerary and chatting with other travellers, I was advised that I had scheduled too much time for Madrid. “It’s big,” people pointed out, “but not that great. There’s nothing to do.” I always find it strange when people say there’s nothing to do in a city – each city has residents and... Continue Reading →

Nice and Monaco

I do not have nearly enough money to play and stay in the French Riviera! I spent three nights in Nice, France and even headed out to Monaco for a few hours so that I could really see how the 1% lives. Or, based on those prices, the 0.01%. It was a rainy and miserable... Continue Reading →

I Love Napoli!

People tried to scare me off Naples – if the thieves didn’t get me, they said, then the traffic would. Well, I can’t deny that crossing the street was a terrifying prospect and I think I would still be the train station if it wasn’t for some kind Napolitanos who took the lead. One look... Continue Reading →

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