In late August I finally had the opportunity to experience Atelier.  Yes, experience.  Atelier isn't just a meal - it's a feast for the senses. I heard about Atelier shortly after moving to Ottawa.  I was starting to learn about the food and wine scene in the city, starting the sommelier program at Algonquin College... Continue Reading →

Chowing Down

Another day, another food truck.  This time - Chow Down.  Located on a rather uninspiring corner, Woodroffe and Byron, diners who take advantage of the limited seating have a chance to watch the traffic along Richmond.  A Shouldice Farms stand allows for patrons to pick up some fresh veggies - which allowed me to impulse... Continue Reading →

Guilty Pleasures – Nachos

Food, wine and lifestyle blogs seem to be all about pretty, beautifully designed plates and fresh, delicious foods.  Ideally straight from the farm.  Or within 100km.  Or organic. Or something. Well, everyone has guilty pleasures.  Or not so guilty pleasures. These nachos are one of my guilty pleasures in Ottawa.  Oozing with melted cheese, loaded... Continue Reading →

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