Sample Girl

I spent a portion of last year working a side gig as a promotional sampling representative in LCBO's throughout Ottawa.  Simply put, I was a sample girl, trying to encourage you, the consumer, to taste and purchase my delicious alcoholic beverages.  I was an independent contractor for two companies and represented diverse products including beer,... Continue Reading →


In late August I finally had the opportunity to experience Atelier.  Yes, experience.  Atelier isn't just a meal - it's a feast for the senses. I heard about Atelier shortly after moving to Ottawa.  I was starting to learn about the food and wine scene in the city, starting the sommelier program at Algonquin College... Continue Reading →

Port of Wines Festival 2013

I have relocated (temporarily) to rural Nova Scotia and managed to time my arrival in Canada's ocean playground quite well - it was the week of the NSLC's Port of Wines festival!  Adopting my usual scheming ways, I managed to line up a designated driver (thanks Dad!) and picked up a ticket for the Friday... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on “Sommelier”

I recently completed the Sommelier program at Algonquin College.  It was a long, slightly convoluted path (including a derailment to join the navy) and I am incredibly glad to be finished.  I met some great friends at wine school, some of whom work in the industry and others who do not. Having started the program... Continue Reading →

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